sabato 17 ottobre 2009 leaves Mambo for Wordpress. This is what will change.

As this is the meaning of this blog, I decided to share why is about to swap from the CMS Mambo to Wordpress.

First, with Wordpress, all reporters will be able to publish live while they are on the streets, on train, flight, or almost wherever there is access to a mobile phone network with easy to install on nokia and blackberry plugins that are made for publishing on the go.

Second, there will be no need to access the administration page, but with ScribeFire on Firefox, reporters will be able to publish directly or submit news very easily and quickly.

Third, up until now with a basic, free Mambo template many specials pages, contents and more were almost invisible. Now with wordpress we are about to choose maximum exposure for all contents, whether it'll be video, photos or text.

All your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome as usual.

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